When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for but it helps us also to develop inner peace and happiness.

~Dalai Lama


We work closely with our scientific advisors (world leaders in their field) and apply our unique experience of living with Duchenne for over 15 years to select the most promising research initiatives.

We have helped in the early stage development of some of the key research that is now paying dividends for sufferers of Duchenne today. Our funding of the Dusty Brandom Fellowship at the University of Western Australia led to groundbreaking exon skipping research. We were one of the first investors in small molecule screening. We are pioneering funding of poloxamers and cardiac stem cells for Duchenne hearts.

We have raised and applied over $1 million dollars to date. We have relationships with the leading scientists and doctors. We have seen failures and successes and learned from both. We have been prepared to try innovative treatments but evaluate them objectively. Through collaboration with worldwide organizations, individuals, and leading Duchenne scientists, 100 percent of money donated to Coalition Duchenne will be directed to the best research opportunities. This will be done by directly engaging biotech companies and institutions as well as research and clinical trial centers that are working on treatments and that will soon find a cure.

Coalition Duchenne is committed to making a difference in the lives of all boys and young men with Duchenne. Our son Dusty, is one of them.

Please help us continue to make a difference. Contact us for further information regarding fundraising and corporate sponsorship opportunities.

With sincere gratitude.



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