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Who we are
Coalition Duchenne brings together organizations from around the world, in a quest to raise global awareness and to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The world’s Duchenne organizations have been created by parents and families who’s lives have been deeply touched by the diagnosis of our sons with Duchenne.

These organizations are devoted to raising awareness and money for research and treatments, and an eventual cure for our sons.

The impact of Duchenne is felt across the globe, from the USA to Asia, Australia, Europe, India, South American and Africa. Duchenne knows no boundaries, and does not discriminate between race, culture, socioeconomic status or country.

Mission Statement
The mission of Coalition Duchenne is to raise global awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, to fund research and to find a cure for Duchenne.

Our vision is to bring together not just the world’s Duchenne organizations and individuals, but everyone, in a quest to raise global awareness and to find a cure for our sons.

  • To raise global awareness for Duchenne through events and media.

  • To raise funds for research to cure Duchenne.

  • To acknowledge organizations dedicated to finding a cure.

  • To acknowledge the boys and men across the world who suffer from Duchenne.

  • To honor the boys and men who have lost their lives to Duchenne.


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